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There is no grater satisfaction than the one that comes with the burn you feel after a great run; no grater happiness, proudness, nor sense of achievement than the one you experience upon each step on that track. Running comes from within you, from your heart - one doesn’t run simply to loose weight, no, we run with our souls, with our minds, with passion, with dedication, with love - for the nature, the road, the air, the sweat, the boiling blood, the burning thighs, the aching calves, the fierceness of our bodies, because we become predators, wild animals, beasts chasing down their pray - the finish line. Running is a way of life. Running is the air we breathe. Running is our fuel. Running is the therapy. Running is the solution. Running is your salvation. Run, for yourself, for your life. Run, whilst you still can. Run, make a difference, make each day better than the one before. Run and live. Run and be Happy. Run. 

OMG GUYS!!! i can NOT believe this has 7 000 notes! I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!! <3

I have a healthy lifestyle kind of blog on the side, i’ve had it for quite a while now, and i’ve got 12 followers, i go ahead and do this, and in less than 24 hours i’ve got 36, well, isn’t that ironic. I mean, i do live healthfully, i am on a diet, and i exercise everyday, and i haven’t eaten a fry in a year, and a burger in 3, (don’t even get me started on how long has it been since the last time i ate chips, or cookies, or even chocolate), just fruits and vegetables, i’ve lost  90 pounds and i am damn proud of it, but i just cant help loving food, even if i am thin on the outside, damn it, am still the good old junk loving fatso on the inside, hell i get high by just looking at junk food… cant help it, i guess its the fuel in my engine… foooooooodddd!!!! XD

Anonymous asked: Just had a food-gasm. OMG.


am telling you… when sex is out of the Q… food is the A ;)

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